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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Missing or lost tooth can change the entire look and shape of your mouth. Gaps in your teeth can curb the ability to eat certain foods properly and spaces between teeth can reduce the attractiveness of your smile, and eventually diminish your self-confidence.

Dental implants are used to replace a single tooth or several teeth but the main goal of using teeth replacements procedure is to restore function and esthetics as well. We have three options through which we do teeth replacement on our patients.

Removable dental appliances

Dental implant

Fixed dental bridge

Our procedure can help replacing lost teeth with an artificial tooth root placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth in a place. The dental implants are rooted permanently in the mouth in order to give a feel and look of real teeth.

The dental implants look like your teeth and since they are designed to integrate with your bone, they become fixed and permanent. With dental implants, you can eliminate the embarrassing inconvenience of removing dentures in public, and also your craving for certain adhesive food items, you want to gorge upon.

Our dental implants are suitable to anyone in good general health. If you want to know more about Implant dentistry, you can contact us today 905.560.7057

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