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Root Canal

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Root Canal

Root canal is one of the most common treatment for teeth that are taken up by the dentist in case of severe and extensive tooth decay.

In the root canal treatment, nerve and blood vessels inside the tooth (tooth’s center) are infected. Root canal treatment consists of removing the diseased or dead tissue from inside the tooth. The remaining space is cleaned, shaped and filled.

Mentioned below is the actual procedure of root canal treatment:

  • An opening is made through the top of the decayed tooth that may be a molar or a pre-molar or front tooth.
  • This is followed by removing the diseased tissue. Once, the diseased tissue is removed, the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned, irrigated by disinfectant solution, enlarged and shaped so that they can be easily filled.
  • In case, more than one visit is required, then a temporary filling is placed in the empty space to prevent infection recurring between the dental visits.
  • A metal or fibro optic post is placed in the canal in order to provide structural support.
  • Finally, a crown is placed over the tooth so that the tooth can be restored in its natural shape and appearance .