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Dental Braces

Dental Braces

Braces for Children and Adults

Who Should Have Braces?

Whether or not you should have braces is something your dentist can tell you after an evaluation. Here are some typical situations where you may need braces:

  • If you have an over bite where your upper teeth are misplaced over your lower teeth. A little bit of an over bite is normal and desirable.
  • If you have an under bite your lower teeth may be pushing your upper teeth out of alignment.
  • If your teeth are not clenching properly so you can’t chew your food properly, braces might be the solution.
  • Your teeth and gums may not be set up correctly where you may not be able to clean them properly and they may be prone to diseases.
  • Crooked teeth can be straightened out with braces.
  • Crowded teeth may be spaced out better.
  • Overlapping and badly aligned teeth can be made to look better.
  • Gaps between teeth can be tightened to improve the bite.
  • Your teeth may be weakened from disease or accident braces can help.
  • What’s The Difference between a Dentist and an Orthodontist?
  • A dentist will perform basic procedures involving braces. An orthodontist can handle complicated dental treatments including re constructive surgery.

Are Braces Better For Children Or Adults?

The best age to get braces is around 12 & 13 at the peak growing stage for most people. Braces are recommended for one in three children because of various symptoms.

Adults can get braces as well however the opportunity is more limited and in many cases, surgery will be required to some extent. More and more adults are choosing to get braces to correct an over bite or improve their appearance.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment are the same regardless of age. The main difference between adults and children is that certain corrections in adults may require more than braces alone and the treatments may take longer because adult bones are no longer growing.

Your dentist will do an evaluation where these questions can be answered more specifically to your case. What Else Do I Need to Know about Getting Orthodontic Treatment Involving Braces?

Braces are quite reliable in producing the desired results. Here are some things to keep in mind:

It is very important to take extra care of your teeth while you have braces because food can get trapped in the braces and retainers and become more prone to disease and infection.

Budget an extra 15 minutes to clean your teeth at least twice a day and after meals.

Take extra care to avoid sugary foods and drinks and make sure you clean your teeth thoroughly after you consume these foods.

You will have to visit your dentist regularly for tightening, realignment and inspection of your braces.

The length of time you will need to wear braces varies from person to person but most people can count on having to wear them for at least 18 months to two years.

Some of the adjustments in braces may make your mouth sore for a while. If it hurts too much, talk to your dentist to see if he can do the adjustments so there is less pain.

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